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My New Beauty Obsession: AHA's!

My latest beauty obsession is AHA's, also known as alpha hydroxy acids. As we get older, we don't shed our outer, dead layers of skin as quickly as we did when we were younger. In order to reveal the newer, fresher skin hiding underneath, it helps if we give ourselves a little help! That's where the AHA's come in handy for me.

Avon has a new Foot Works product that includes alpha hydroxy acid:

Foot Works AHA Moisturizing Cream  Right now, as of Campaign 22, you can purchase a 2.5 ounce tube for only $3.99! I love to pamper my feet with this luscious lotion and also rub a little on my knees and elbows too. You can check out the complete Foot Works line HERE. Happy shopping!~TJ P.S. take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING when you purchase $30 or more! Be sure to visit my home life blog at: Sweet Home to get to know me a little better!