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Campaign 13 Brochure~

Have you had a chance to browse the current Avon brochure?  The deal I'm most excited about is the FREE Espira Blender Bottle ($15 value) with any $35 Espira purchase!   I got mine when I ordered a canister of the Plant Power Protein in Creamy Vanilla. I chose vanilla so that I can create different flavors of blenderized smoothies (but I do the same with chocolate too. Hellooo chocolate covered strawberry protein shake!...and many others!)  My favorite so far has been using a frozen banana, a couple of cubes of plain yogurt that I freeze in ice cube trays, and either strawberries or blueberries, water and a scoop of the protein powder.  I'll be whipping up my favorite "dreamsicle" recipe soon too!

Just yesterday, I used the blender bottle to mix up my water with one of those drink flavor packets that are handy to dump into your 16.9 oz water bottle.  Shaking it up quickly REALLY broke up the powder!  Then, (because I'm lazy like that, but we'll call it, &quo…

Avon and Animal Testing

Because I get this question from clients on occasion, and I know it is a concern for many, myself included, I wanted to post this regarding Avon and whether or not they test on animals.  It is taken directly from the New Avon LLC site.  I hope this helps with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this policy! ~ TJ

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