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I Am So Excited!!!

It has been a while since I have posted here. There have been family health issues that we have had to focus on, and family is a major priority for me. After all, that's why I began selling AVON in the first place, so I could be there for my family!

Well, I am so very happy to say that things are much better now and seem to be leveling out. And my AVON business is growing! Life is good and seems to be getting better in all areas all the time!

I am looking forward to sharing a few new products here in the next day or so, so stay tuned!~TJ

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Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil Uses

                                                                                        With warmer weather upon us, there will be umpteen reasons to break out the bottle of Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil! So, I thought I would post this list as a reminder for us all.  It's not new but it's useful!

*SSS bath oil is approved by the FDA/CDA only as a bath oil.  Avon does not endorse its use for anything other than a bath oil. This is just a list compiled from people like you & me that have tried it for things other than bath oil. You can find lists similar to this all over the web!

**Disclaimer- I don't guarantee any of these tips as they have been borrowed from others.


1.      It's a bath oil and after shower moisturizer. Obvs!

2.      It can be used to remove makeup.

3.      Great tanning oil (no sunscreen).

4.      Hot oil treatment to soften cuticles.

5.      Great massage oil for tired muscles.

A Little Weekend Shopping Anyone?

Have you browsed the latest online brochure? it's at my e-boutique which is as close as your fingertips (or at the link here (~; )
Sooo...what are you looking forward to this weekend? I'll be visiting my mama & daddy (yes, I still call them that, lol!).
Happy weekend everyone! ~TJ

Avon and Animal Testing

Because I get this question from clients on occasion, and I know it is a concern for many, myself included, I wanted to post this regarding Avon and whether or not they test on animals.  It is taken directly from the New Avon LLC site.  I hope this helps with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this policy! ~ TJ

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