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AVON Campaign 18 2016

AVON's campaign 18 brochure is chock full of head-to-toe, back-to-school, and all-around-the-house goodness!

First of all, they are featuring a Beauty Bundle that is ahhh-MAY-zing! A $64.99 value FOR ONLY $14.99 with a $9.99 purchase! I don't know about you but blinking is a harder feat for me than spending ten dollars.
The Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System costs $28 alone!!! WOW, it makes me giddy just thinking about the value of this deal! Anyway, here's a visual so you know what I'm gushing over:

With back to school in mind, I couldn't help but notice a few more deals...

 Clearskin Acne Treatment System- because having clear skin goes a long way in helping a young person feel good about themselves.
 mmm...CANDY! Body Mist in three delicious, fruity, mouth watering scents! Cherry Mousse, Berry Pop and Grape Gum Drop.
 Bad Hair Day Bag Charm. So cute. So. Right. Now. 
Round out your favorite teen's accessories A game with the bag & shoes too! ( don't have to be a teen to LOVE mark. items. Trust me on this.)
 We can't forget the guys! AVON has a watch for any taste. At such affordable prices, your favorite fella can build a watch wardrobe too!
 Comfy, casual, fashionable outfits that can be thrown on in a flash before heading out to the bus stop with the kiddos. So you can be the cool mom, not the frumpy one. (Don't forget your coffee mama!)
 Footworks Lavender Collection. Just because. You deserve a little pampering at the end of your busy day. 
 And because summer's mosquitoes are still feasting, and Bug Guard is on sale, snap 'em up while the price is right. (Maybe put a few away for next years onslaught of the little daytime vampires?)
Birthstone Color Hoop Earrings! The perfect stocking stuffer or to stash in your gift closet for those upcoming birthdays that always catch us off guard throughout the year. Or is that just me? ;D
And, last but not least, because this girl DOES love a good sale and thought you might too...12 full pages in the campaign 18 brochure are dedicated to "while supplies last" specially priced goodies. A lil bit of everything!

That's just a taste ladies and gentlemen, there's more. So much more. Take a peek at my estore:

Before I leave you to your shopping...who do you know that might need to earn a little (or a lot!) of extra cash? The holidays are coming and let's face it, life is expensive. So if you can think of anyone that could use the AVON opportunity, send them my way! Or, even faster and easier, have them go to and use reference code: tommielombardi
The initial  $15 investment might just change their life!

Make it a great day y'all! ~TJ (Your AVON lady)

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